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How to Buy Hair Extensions Wholesale

It is crucial to find a reliable and high-quality supplier when it comes to purchasing wholesale hair extensions in bulk. After all, you want to offer your customers the best. Therefore, we’ll explore the essential factors to consider when searching for a supplier. To buy hair extensions wholesale, please follow our steps as below.

  • Fully Research

Start by researching suppliers of wholesale hair extensions. Different customers have different needs. Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of products, high-quality extensions, and good customer aftersales service.

  • Place Your Trial Order

Contact the supplier through their website.Once you have selected a supplier that meets your criteria, place your trial order according to their terms and conditions. Make sure to provide all necessary information such as quantity, types of extensions, and shipping details.


  • Quality Test

The quality of the hair extensions you offer can make or break your business. Wear and wash the hair extensions for one month or longer to test the quality. If hair extensions works good, you can place your next official order. Everbeauting hair always provide the premium quality hair extensions.   (A professional hair extensions supplier)

  • Payment and Shipping

Most wholesale suppliers require payment upfront or a deposit before processing your order. Once payment is made, the supplier will start to process your hair order. Usuallly a full payment is required before the supplier arrange the shipping of your order.


Establishing a good relationship with your wholesale supplier is essential for future orders and potential discounts. A long running relationship will help you solve a lot of headaches in doing customer service. And communicate effectively and provide feedback on the products you receive. Then you can successfully purchase hair extensions wholesale for your salon or business.