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Are Tape-In Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

For women looking for quickly and easily way to add length and volume to their hair, tape-in hair extensions are a popular choice. It takes only minutes to install these extensions, compared to traditional extensions that take an hour but last six to eight weeks only.

s a matter of fact, tape-in extensions are especially favored by women with busy schedules. Because the exensions are comfortable, cause little damage, easy to install and remove. Moreover, they provide a natural look when blended with the natural hair well.

Tape-in hair extensions offer many benefits. But there is potential risk for damage if they are not applied or removed correctly.

  • Hair Breakage

When tape-in extensions are removed improperly, they can cause the natural hair strands to break or pull off.

  • Adhesive Residue

Tape-in extensions are based on the use of adhesive. It can leave residue on your hair if the adhesive is not properly dissolved during removal. So the help from a professional hair dresser is necessary.

  • Strain on Strands

Tape-in extensions should not be used continuously without proper care. They can cause damage to the natural hair.

Therefore, tape in hair extensions need to be applied and maintained correctly by a professional stylist to minimize any potential damage. Then tape-in hair extensions will be a convenient way to add length and volume to your hair.