Useful Skills

How to Install I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I tip hair extensions is a right product for sports wearing. With this type extenison, you can do any sports without shedding or detecable.
Below is a few steps to intall the I tip hair extensions.

  • Seperate Your Own Parting Line

Use a tall comb to separate the area of your hair where to install hair extensons. And hold the upper hair by the clips. So you can see a clear parting line.

  • Pull Out the Hair.

Hold a section of your natural hair with the hook and use the other hand with the pulling hook to pull the hair through the micro rings.

  • Inserting The I Tip Extension Into The Ring

After pulling through your own hair, insert the i tip extensions in among the micro ring and your natural hair.

  • Clamp the Micro Ring

Slide the micro-ring about 1cm from the scalp. Hold the ring and hair in place and tightly close the ring with the plier. 

Then cut off the extra longer tips witha scissor.

  • Repeat Above Steps.

Repeat the steps to apply I tip hair extensions to other locations until the desired look is achieved.

Just following above steps, you will get instant length and volume with an I-tip hair extension installation. Then you can go out for sports.