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What is a Hair Topper?

A hair topper is an extension that clips into your existing hair to add coverage, volume, and length.   It is designed to conceal thinning hair or hair loss around the scalp while blending seamlessly with natural hair.

  • Topper Base

Hair toppers are typically constructed with hand-sewn hair strands attached to a monofilament cap made of breathable mesh-like fabric. The toppers often worn by people with thinning hair or partial hair loss. They are not suitable for those with complete baldness.


  • Different Hair Raw Materials

Hair toppers offer options for different preferences, as they can be made from either synthetic fibers or real human hair. These pieces are perfect for individuals who want to enhance volume, length, or cover specific areas without having to wear a full wig. The construction of a hair topper includes a monofilament top that imitates the appearance of the scalp, allowing for natural-looking parting and styling.

  • Proper Base Size

To ensure a proper fit, it is crucial to select a hair topper with the appropriate base size that aligns precisely with the dimensions of the desired coverage area on the scalp.

  • Various Style

The versatility of hair toppers allows wearers to style and attach them in various ways, providing options that cater to their individual needs and preferences. They can be easily positioned and secured using pressure-sensitive clips in different cap constructions, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit when clipped into place.

Hair toppers are a practical solution for individuals facing thinning hair or partial hair loss.  They provide coverage, volume, and length through a clip-in extension that blends seamlessly with natural hair.