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How to Make a Hair Topper Look Natural?

To make a hair topper look natural, it is crucial to blend it seamlessly with your existing hair. Here are a few tips to make the hair toppers looks natural.

  • Blend With Your Natural Hair

It is important that the hairline, color, and length of the topper match your natural hair as closely as possible. Select a topper that comes in a shade similar to your hair color and trim it to match your own hair. Additionally, consider the style of your hairline and choose a topper accordingly.

  • Match Your Facial Shape

Trimming and layering the hair topper on the basis of the face shape is similar to choosing a hairstyle. And this can help enhance your features and create a more natural look. Different face shapes require specific styles for optimal blending with the topper

Oval Face: You can achieve a versatile look with shoulder-length waves or long bobs.
Heart-shaped Face: Bangs and layers can complement this shape effectively.

Round Face: Long lengths and layered trims can add angles and lengthen the face.
Diamond Face: Styles with soft fringes and wavy lines work well on angular faces.
Pear-shaped Face: This face shape can be balanced with heavy bangs.

  • Human Hair Material

If you would like to get the most natural movement and bounce, a human hair topper can provide that. Synthetic fibers lack such movement, bounce, and volume. There is no doubt that the quality of the human hair plays an important role in creating a natural appearance.

The quality of the human hair used in the topper is essential for achieving a natural look. With human hair toppers,you can achieve a more realistic appearance by blending them seamlessly with your own hair.