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¿En qué se diferencia el pelo asiático?

There are many factors that contribute to Asian hair’s unique characteristics, including genetics, climate, and cultural practices. Here we will discuss some of the key distinctions that set Asian hair apart from other hair types.

  1. Hair Texture

One of the most apparent differences is its texture. It is generally straighter, denser, and coarser. This texture can be attributed to the presence of more keratin, a protein that gives hair its strength and texture. The hair shaft in Asian hair is also more oval-shaped, which contributes to its unique texture.

  1. Hair Growth Pattern

A unique pattern of hair growth called “V-shaped” occurs when hair strands grow outward from the crown of the head. This growth pattern can lead to more volume and thickness in the hair. Additionally, Asian hair tends to have a smaller diameter, which can make it appear more voluminous.

  1. Hair Growth Cycle

The growth cycle of Asian hair is different from other hair types. There is a longer growth phase of this plant, which is called the anagen phase. This phase can last up to six years. This longer growth phase allows Asian hair to grow faster and reach longer lengths. However, the downside to this is that the hair also sheds more during the resting phase (telogen phase), leading to more hair fall.

Understanding these differences can help individuals with Asian hair better manage and maintain their hair’s health and appearance.