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How Long Do I-Tip Extension Last

I-Tip extension is a good way to add hair length and volume instantly. But when shall the hair extensions be re-installed to make it invisile? Here is the answer.

Usually the I-Tip extension can last for 3 to 6 months. And this depends on the care routine and maintenance. Since the growth of the natural hair will gradually distance the extensions from the scalp. Hence, it is necessary to schedule regular maintenance appointments so that the extensions can be adjusted and moved up as needed.

If I-Tip extension are cared for properly, they will last longer by using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. And it will be benefit from avoiding tight hairstyles, using heat protectant products, and brushing gently.

  • How Many I-Tip Extensions for a Full Head Installation

Hair extensions made from 80-100 I-tips are perfect for thickening or extending long-thin hair past shoulder length.

For medium hair touching shoulders (6”-9” long), you may need 125-175 I-tip extensions.


When it comes to thick hair of the same length, it is recommended that you use around 175-225 I-tip extensions.

In general, short hair (5″) is not suitable for extensions, but you may need 200-250 or more I-tip extensions to achieve the desired look.