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The different ways to make tape-in extensions look more natural?

An increasingly popular method of adding length and volume to hair is the use of tape-in extensions, but achieving a natural appearance can be challenging.

Here we would like to share several ways to make tape-in extensions look more natural.


  •   Choose the Right Hair Color

Choosing a color that closely matches your existing hair is the first step in making tape-in extensions look natural. This can be done by consulting with a professional hair stylist who can assess your hair’s undertones and help you select the perfect shade. By using extensions with the same color as your natural hair, the extensions will blend seamlessly and appear more natural.

  •         Proper Placement and Installation

If you want to achieve a natural look, it is crucial that tape-in extensions are placed correctly. It is essential to place the extensions close to the scalp to avoid any visible bulges. A professional stylist will carefully place the extensions, ensuring they are evenly spaced and layered to create a natural-looking result.

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